Dedicated to providing high-quality patient care.

Patient Information

Our Center’s Goals

Quail Surgical and Pain Management Center in Reno, Nevada, is an outpatient surgical center dedicated to providing high-quality patient care. Established by a group of community physicians, the goals of the founding physicians have not changed since they were established in 1999. These goals focus on:

  • Streamlining the delivery of medical care so it is patient-centered to provide the highest quality services. 
  • Making the outpatient surgery experience less anxiety producing. 
  • Utilizing the most cost-effective measures for the patient and the healthcare delivery system so we can provide safe and affordable quality care. 
  • Providing an environment which is aesthetically pleasing for the patient, physician and employee that promotes patient friendliness. 
  • Reducing the risk of infection for our patients by always adhering to the most current safety standards in the industry.

The nurses at Quail Surgery Center are here for you. Starting when you enter into our pre-operative area until you are discharged from recovery, the nurses are here to provide for your comfort, safety and privacy. Since many of our nurses have been caring for our patients for 10 years or more, they understand you may have questions and are here to provide you answers.