A physician-owned surgical center emphasizes high-quality patient care. View our physician owners.

Physician Ownership

Physician Ownership in surgery centers has become common in the United States. The desire for participating in ownership has both clinical and financial basis, with an emphasis on providing to you the high quality of care typical of a physician-owned surgery center. Of the 100 physicians on staff at our surgery center, approximately 25 percent maintain a percentage of ownership. Listed below are the physicians who are currently owners at Quail Surgical & Pain Management Center:

  • Stephen Berman MD
  • Robert Berry, MD
  • Forrest Burke, MD
  • Dallin DeMordaunt, MD
  • Thomas Fyda, MD
  • Richard Hayes, MD
  • Donald Huene, MD
  • Stacey Hudson, MD
  • Elizabeth Hutson, MD
  • Brian Juell, MD
  • Craig Karrasch, DPM
  • Peter Kasprzak, MD
  • Travis Kieckbusch, MD
  • Joseph Kiener, MD
  • Phelps Kip, MD
  • Kevin Lasko, MD
  • Terry McCaskill, MD
  • Kenneth Pitman, MD
  • James Rappaport, MD
  • Kent Sasse, MD
  • Paul Shonnard, MD
  • Andrea Tatro, MD
  • Christopher Twombly, MD
  • Jeffrey Webster, MD